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Originally developed by athletes, Graston is an instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization technique that allows for the breakdown and restructuring of the layers of muscle & fascial tissue to improve scar healing, tight muscles/spasms, and address injuries in the ligaments, muscles, and tendons. It targets and effectively treats areas of soft tissue fibrosis and chronic inflammation as well as acute and post-surgical conditions. Patient benefits include a faster recovery time, reduced need for anti-inflammatory medication, and resolution of chronic conditions once believed to be permanent. Among the most common conditions are sprain/strain, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, golfers elbow, achilles tendinosis, shin splints, plantar fasciitis, conditions of the knee, fibromyalgia, trigger finger, and more.

Who Uses Graston?

Graston Technique is currently used by more than 16,000 clinicians in some 1,650 outpatient facilities and by more than 250 professional and amateur sports organizations.  It is utilized onsite by 55 major corporations and is included in the curriculum of 57 universities and colleges.  Corporations across the nation and in various fields utilize Graston to include the Boston Ballet, Cirque Du Soleil, Frito Lay, Surgical Details, and various hospitals of every branch of the military (Army, Naval, Air Force, and Veterans).  Professional Sports Organizations that utilize Graston include the NBA, NFL, NHL, AHL, MLB, Professional Golf, and Soccer.  Is Graston right for you?  Almost certainly but schedule an appointment with us to make sure.  Don't live with the unpleasant thought of a condition never improving.  Consider using our therapy to decrease the amount of scar tissue and restriction present.

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