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I've spoken to many individuals who have expressed an interest in Chiropractic but are lured away by misconceptions, false information, or even no information at all.  So allow us to clear up any questions or confusions you may have.

The practice of chiropractic is defined and centered around the concept of function being determined by an intact and aligned nervous system.  Misalignments in our spine and other joints can create nerve interference called subluxations.  These subluxations often manifest themselves as pain, stiffness, fatigue, numbness, blood pressure changes, discomfort, etc.  By aligning the spine and other joints through chiropractic, nerve interference is decreased and function is improved.  It is important to understand that this process does not take place overnight.   These changes in structure and lifestyle take time.  There are 3 phases of care that describe how the body facilitates this change.

Phase I: Clear the Debris (Corrective)

During the initial phase, your program is designed to clear deeply set long term patterns of neural stress and biomechanical habits that have been set for days, months, and often years.  These patterns are often a result of altered biomechanics from injury, occupation, and habitual lifestyle patterns.  By intensively clearing these patterns, momentum is gained that facilitate change in a rapid period of progression.

We have stresses to our nervous system daily in the form of physical, chemical, and emotional mechanisms.  A series of chiropractic adjustments over a short period of time facilitates this clearing process.  By clearing the debris we are left with a solid foundation ready for building in our nervous system.

Phase II: Build a New Structure (Maintenance)

Once those deeply set patterns of habitual neural stress have been cleared, the body is then able to rebuild itself cell by cell through the process of cellular regeneration.  All of us have seen this process occur time and time again when we scratch or injure ourselves.  As we watch the wound go through the stages of healing, those injured cells are eventually replaced with brand new healthy cells.  This process takes place in every part of our body to include muscle, organs, tissues, etc.   The clarity of our nervous system facilitates this regenerative process.

During this phase, we continue with the adjustment process as well as implementing lifestyle changes.  While we understand that changing too much to fast can sometimes have the adverse effect so we are conscious and careful to tailor the plan of care to include change that is gradual and specific to each individual.  These lifestyle changes include nutrition and hydration with a balanced diet and lots of water, routine exercise and stretching, managing stresses, etc.  During this phase is also where you take on a more active role in your building process by remaining attentive and dedicated to the lifestyle modifications discussed between you and the doctor.  The awesome thing about these modifications are that you can bring others in with you! Spouses, children, family, friends, coworkers, etc., the changes we implement are simply pillars in the healthcare continuum that are beneficial to any and everyone!

Phase III: Beautify Me! (Wellness)

What's better than a solid structurally sound building? A BEAUTIFUL solid structurally sound building!! During this phase, you take control in the form of your choice.  After having gone through the first two phases which are essential, now is your time to "choose" chiropractic care as opposed to "needing" chiropractic care.  When patients act out of choice versus need, I have found that health and wellness care takes on a new meaning leading to a more fulfilled and more energetic lifestyle for both patients and those they come in contact with.   Chiropractic care now acts to clear the daily stresses and rebuild on a consistent basis.  A re-education process allows the body to function better having replaced the poor habits  with improved and correctly altered patterns. 
This physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual growth is usually very evident in children.  As adults we continue to grow and often notice positive changes in the form of increased energy, improved sleeping patterns, and positive attitude changes.  Continued clarity in our nervous system is an important key in living at your optimum potential.