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Adults and Family

There are numerous ways in which adults encounter stresses on a daily basis via physical, emotional, and mental mechanisms.  A few common ones include sitting in traffic, sitting or standing at work for long periods of time, facing a computer for hours at a time, grabbing a soft drink and a snack instead of full meal at lunch, etc.  These examples and many more take a toll on the body and can create a less than optimum way of living.  Obtaining regular spinal checkups and adjustments can improve the quality of life for those in every stage of health. 

Pediatric Care

If you could ensure that your child get the right start in life, would you? Of course! Children should be checked by a chiropractor as a normal part of the post-natal care to facilitate optimum growth and development.  One of the first stresses the child will experience take place during childbirth.  The physical and emotional stress often increase for both mother and child.  

As children get older, physical stresses become dominant and thus chiropractic check-ups and adjustments are even more essential to their development and growth. The various physical traumas children experience in the first 8-10 years of life can arise from tumbles when learning to walk, falling off the monkey bars, crashes on skateboards, bikes, and go carts, tackles and falls while playing sports, sleeping positions, and slouched posture which can result in misalignments of the spine and subsequent interference to the nervous system.  Additionally, many parents have found an even greater benefit to regularly chiropractic adjustments, an improved immune system and overall health and wellbeing of their children.  There is ongoing research and testimonials that are born daily that show chiropractic's benefit in improving ear infections, allergies, asthma, ADD, colic, constipation, nocturnal bedwetting, etc.  The negative patterns we erect in childhood most often carry over to adulthood decreasing our ability to live at our optimum potential.  Due to the increased activity but the resilience of children, subluxations can often go undetected in children thus it is important to have your child's spine checked regularly.  The sooner these negative patterns of nerve interference are corrected, the sooner your child can experience the optimum potential they so deserve.

Athletes and Sports

While we all know that exercise and nutrition are important to athletes what's even more important is positive mental  outlook regarding the sport, family, and life.  These are the essential ingredients for improved health, vitality, and success in school, sports, and competition. 

Regardless of your reason for exercise, your level of sport competition, or your goals for fitness, our various specialities here at PEC can help you attain whatever goal you desire.   With experience in the biomechanics of  specific sports and injury, our doctors can help you prehab so you don't have to rehab! So avoid the bench or unwanted sebatical from your workout and visit us at PEC for your chiropractic and healthcare needs.  Football, soccer, basketball, swimming, baseball, softball, golf, cheerleading, dance, volleyball, track and field, weightlifting, rugby, lacrosse, etc. no matter the sport, we can help! 

There is a long line of  benefits that fall under exercise including improved cholesterol levels, sleep, agility, blood sugar control, metabolism, and blood pressure; reduced risk of injury, blood clots, and disease; increased circulation, bone density, and digestive efficiency and overall better management of stressors.  Staying healthy and without injury is key to taking full advantage of these various benefits.  However, we understand that life happens and sometimes injury can't be avoided.  At that time, healing quickly becomes a priority and reduced nerve interference via chiropractic as well as soft tissue techniques like Graston can help facilitate this healing.

Your PEC chiropractor will partner to create a plan to specifically address your needs and goals.  By assessing your present activity level, evaluating your individual needs, and determining your fitness goals, we will help you achieve and surpass your goal whether it be regaining strength after an injury or illness, building endurance and fitness for a school, collegiate, or professional sports season, or simply improving your activity state to introduce new activities into your life.  Whatever is true for you, we can help.


Injuries can occur at any time despite good intentions.  Whether the source of your injury is sports related, a slip or fall, a vehicular collision, or mechanical failure from wear and tear, recovery can often be lengthy.  Chiropractic care, exercise, nutrition, positive mental status, and other therapeutic techniques can help facilitate this process with a decrease in recovery time possible.

Did you know injuries occur that we sometimes aren't aware of?  These injuries can come from daily stressors, poor posture, carrying heavy handbags, briefcases, and bookbags, substance abuse, inadequate sleep, long work hours, chronic despair or depression, poor nutrition, etc.   Flexibility and resilience is decreased, neural health is compromised and injuries occur as a result of the affects of these activities over time.  Ultimately, our focus is on you, our patient.  Here at PEC, we encourage co-management opportunities to partner with other healthcare professionals involved in your care to ensure that your plan is complete and thorough.

Senior Care

For seniors, good quality of life and longevity work together for an enjoyable life.  Increasing with age doesn't have to be synonymous to the stigma of being "old."   With increasing age comes some challenges including arthritis, menopause, prostate issues, osteoporosis, joint replacement, senility, fractures and general aches and pains. Chiropractic care, nutrition, exercise, positive mental status, and soft tissue adjunctive therapies can improve the seniors quality of life.  

There is a growing amount of research supporting the benefits of chiropractic in relation to pain management and overall comfort in the aging population.  The Annals of Internal Medicine reported  that 73% of patients suffering from arthritis preferred to manage pain through chiropractic over their prescription medication.  Another study by Thorman, et al in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiologic Therapies compared the effects of conventional care (NSAIDs and medication) with that of the combination of conventional and chiropractic care in hip patients with osteoarthritis who were waiting for hip replacement surgery.  Of the two groups tested, over a three week period of care, the patients pain was decreased by 51% in the combination group while it only decreased 6.8% with conventional care only.

Another condition that  is prevalent amongst the aging population in addition to arthritis is osteoporosis.  Osteoporosis is at epidemic proportions in industrialized countries where primary diet is rich in meat and dairy, lower in fruit and vegetables, and most of all is compounded by a sedentary lifestyle.  Am I proposing a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle on the world?  Absolutely NOT, however we can combat osteoporosis by exercising regularly because exercise strengthens bones and decreases the complications associated with fractures associated with falls.  

Research shows that those who receive consistent chiropractic care are:

  • less likely to be hospitalized
  • less likely to need a nursing home
  • less likely to need prescription drugs
  • more likely to exercise vigorously
  • more likely to be active in the community

Prenatal Care

Parenthood comes with a lot of excitement and preparation whether you're a brand new mom or an experienced one.  It is important for you to know that chiropractic care during pregnancy is safe, gentle and offers many advantages to both the mother and unborn child. Challenges of pregnancy include:

  • Back pain and Pubic pain— adjustments throughout pregnancy can prevent or relieve these common discomforts.
  • Breech Birth — the Webster technique, created by the late Dr. Larry Webster, aids in getting the baby into the proper position by aligning the pelvis and balancing the muscles and ligaments so the baby chooses the path of least resistance for delivery.
  • Pain during Childbirth — for expectant moms who intend to deliver naturally, the intensity of pain can sometimes be decreased with a strong flexible body and mind providing an easier birthing process 

In a 2001 survey conducted by the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, Inc., chiropractors reported that 102 of the 112 cases of breech babies properly turned after the Webster technique was performed, nearly a 92% success rate.  Breech births often bring additional costs and risks by requiring cesarean section for delivery.  The success of this technique saves money, time, and risks providing a safer delivery for both mom and baby.  As chiropractors, it is important to note that we do not practice obstetrics, instead we position the body in its correct position for the natural process to proceed unimpeded.

Once your child is born, it is an optimal time to see your chiropractor for a follow up visit and to schedule a first visit for your newborn.  Gentle and minimal palpations can facilitate an infants growth and development after a sometimes traumatic delivery.  As massage is also available at our location, new mom should take time to take care of themselves.  As a mother, your baby is relying on you for everything which means you must be healthy, aligned, and functioning at your best.  Take advantage of a little "you" time by relaxing those muscles and aiding in any residual soreness and/or tension from pregnancy, labor, and delivery.