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At Primary Elite Chiropractic, patients and providers work together to develop a diagnostic and therapeutic program that makes sense for the individual. We combine the disciplines of modern science with the wisdom of ancient healing to treat the whole person. Caring for those of ALL ages, our goal is to be your guide to healthy living both for yourself and the entire family. That's why we work hard to provide you with the most elite chiropractic and natural healthcare and spa care to allow you to live optimally. Feel free to take a look around to learn more about what we can do for you. We're here to help you shift from "not being sick" to being and living "WELL!"

Your HEALTH is our PRIORITY!!! Your place for TOTAL Body Health & Healing, read of our other services below.


Our spine houses and protects our spinal cord & nervous system. Every vital life sustaining process depends on the integrity of this communication network between the brain and its body. When spinal health is compromised due to misalignments of the spine or damage to surrounding tissue, the body does not function as efficiently and optimally as it should and overall health suffers. We want to assist you in GETTING WELL and STAYING WELL!
Have you ever heard of a spine transplant???
Neither have we!! So take care of the one you have!
Call and schedule your spinal check up TODAY!!


Cupping Therapy causes tissues to release toxins, stimulate the lymphatic, skin and circulatory systems, clear colon blockages, reduce stretch marks and improve varicose veins. On the deepertherapeuticlevel, Cupping is beneficial for many conditions including Asthma, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure,anxiety, fatigue, headaches,Fibromyalgia, Plantar Fasciitis, tight muscles, fascial release, and Neuralgia.

Call us today to try one of our truly therapeutic and relaxing cupping treatments: Facial Cupping, Sport/Dynamic Cupping, Massage Cupping, Cellulite Treat-ments, Detoxification treatments, etc.

Personal FITNESS Training

We specialize in tailoring programs to suit each individual need helping you achieve a more fit and healthier you! Whether you wish to lose weight to improve health, participate in sport specific training, or utilize therapy to improve joint function from past injuries, arthritis, or wear & tear, you will certainly benefit from our expertise and guidance.


Do you consume 7-13 servings of fruits and vegetables a day?

Do you find that you eat the same fruits and vegetables all the time?

Do you find that it's a challenge to get your children to eat the proper/adequate amount of fruits and vegetables?

Ever wanted to grow your own food but think you can't because you live in an apartment, don't have a yard, or lack a "green" thumb?

There is a solution!!!

Juice PLUS capsules or chewies contain concentrated nutrients for 17 fruits and vegetables and added nutrition from 9 different berries and grapes for antioxidants essential to health. With a free children's order with every adult order, our goal is to create family health and wellness. Want to lose weight or do you prefer meal supplements? Shakes are offered as well!

  • Next best thing to fruits and Vegetables
  • Healthful Farm to Capsule whole food nutrition
  • Supported by extensive Clinical Research
  • Recommended by leading Health Professionals
  • Confirmed by 150,000+ families in Children's Health Study

Find more information here and even place your order online! More questions? Just give us a call. Increase your family's nutrition today!

http://nmccarty.juiceplus.com - Get started with these yummy snacks that fill you with nutrition!
http://nmccarty.towergarden.com -Grow your own fruits, vegetables, and herbs today!

Learn how children can enjoy the benefits of Juice PLUS for FREE!!!!

So...Why indulge in Chiropractic and Wellness Care??

According to a study in the research Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapy (May 2007), a 7 year study showed that patients whose primary physi-cian was a Chiropractor, experienced 60% less hospital admissions, 59% less days in the hospital, 62% less outpatient surgeries, & 85% less in pharmaceutical costs. Allow PEC to help you GET WELL & STAY WELL TODAY!!