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Do you remember your parents telling you, "You are what you eat?"  I do and while we thought they were saying these things to get us to eat our food, the truth is they were exactly right!! We are what we eat! As I teach my students, the body needs materials to go through the healing and regeneration process after injury, sickness,  or just simply over time.  What we put into our body becomes what we are made of everyday.  Did you know that your body renews and regenerates every night as we sleep? It makes you think twice about what you eat doesn't it? 

Knowing this, it is also important to note that food is our medicine but it can also be our enemy.  If you consume too many foods that are processed, chemically laden, or made with excessive sodium, sugar, and inappropriate oils, the body then attempts to process and use these items to heal.  This  often leads to chronic systemic high grade and low grade inflammation that is reflected in various signs and symptoms to include but not limited to mild to severe aches and pains, allergies, chronic disease and illness, skin reactions, depression, etc. 

The good news is that there are options...YOU have options!! 

​We explore a number of different options to find which is most effective for you and your lifestyle.  Diet elimination is a huge part of understanding YOUR body and moreover understanding  which foods work with YOUR body.  Most people tend to eat with the masses and go with the trends currently present in society.  The reality is that we are ALL very different and "healthy" foods vary from person to person. There is no such thing as something being universally healthy...well, except water. :-)  Why is this? It's due to our ethnic heritage, environment and ecosystem, genetics, health history, etc.  We utilize a specialized plan that helps to root out the foods that our body loves and understand how to incorporate those foods (especially our faves) which though they may not sound the bells in our body, still allows us to enjoy food and life!

We can also incorporate muscle testing into nutrition to learn what foods resonate well with our body and which ones do not. Through the use of the basics of ANA (Applied Nutritional Analysis), we can gather information to alter diets in an effort for YOU to be healthier and whole. It doesn't stop there, this is a partnership between you and your health practitioner to help you live your best life.  Nutritional changes aren't easy but know that we are here to support you every step of the way, as you make healthy and sometimes challenging changes simply because your life depends on it!