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3 Reasons why EVERYONE should practice YOGA! Dispelling the Myths!

Posted on 08-14-2016

Greetings! With 2 new yoga classes on the rise and an added location, it seems only right that this week's topic be YOGA!! (insert plug here ;-)...I will be teaching a 60 min Yoga Flow 1 cl...

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Simple ways to help your acid reflux, unstitch your side while running, and even stop a brain freeze!

Posted on 03-08-2016

Acid Reflux - Quench the Fire!!! Don't want those spicy foods to make you pay for it later while you're trying to sleep? Try sleeping on your left side. Studies have shown that those who ...

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5 Thoughts That Will Change Your Life

Posted on 03-01-2016

Good Morning!! Our thoughts are powerful!!! They can dictate how we view life and even how we live life. Taken from an article by Jaydip Kansara, I hope you enjoy! 1. Never compare your weakness...

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Natural Remedies To Fight Inflammation

Posted on 02-21-2016

Natural Remedies To Fight Inflammation!! Did you know that you can help your body fight inflammation by reducing stress, eliminating sugar and processed foods, and getting enough sunshine? ...

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Welcome to Primary Elite Health's Blog Spot!

Posted on 02-21-2016

Welcome to Primary Elite Chiropractic (Holistic Health & Performance) where your achieve your best self from the inside out! Your health should no longer take a backseat to the daily pressure...

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