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Posted on 08-14-2016


With 2 new yoga classes on the rise and an added location, it seems only right that this week's topic be YOGA!! (insert plug here ;-)...I will be teaching a 60 min Yoga Flow 1 class on Monday evenings at 6pm and a 60 min Power 1 class on Friday mornings at 9:30am at BodyFitMD located at 6035 Peachtree Road, Unit C-208, Doraville, GA).

Ok, now that that's done, on to the matter at hand.  I find that many people are intrigued by yoga but shy away for one of three reasons.

#1: "Yoga is too hard. I'm not flexible enough and I can't do the moves or look like the teacher, the video or the pictures."

#2:  "Yoga conflicts with my spiritual beliefs and practices and I don't want to cheat on God by practicing it."

#3:  "Yoga is way too slow of a pace to be considered a workout or exercise."

Let's address these one by one shall we...  

Number 1: Yes, yoga can be challenging but isn't that the point?  What most people fail to realize about yoga is that it is a completely PERSONAL PRACTICE.  This terminology simply means there is no element of competition or comparison to anyone outside of you.  When I practice yoga, it may be very similar of very different from the way you practice yoga.  According to BKS Iyengar yoga is "the method by which the restless mind is calmed and the energy directed into constructive channels."  If we are honest, most of the battles we fight take place in our mind.  Once we are able to release that then life becomes a whole lot...simpler.   The beautiful concept of yoga is that it's not about how your teacher, your neighbor or anyone else looks in his/her pose but instead it is SOLELY on how you feel in your pose.  Learning and getting to know your body on a deeper and more intimate level.  Even going as far to know how and when to listen to your body.  You see, it is ALL ABOUT YOU and no one else. 

Number 2: Yoga originated with Pantanjali and dates back to 200 B.C. Because he did not know Jehovah God, the yogic practices were focused on knowing one's self.  As Christians, we KNOW that Jesus is The TRUTH and to know God is the highest calling as we demonstrate that in love and obedience to Him.  So there is great contrast between the original practices of yoga.  So, some would ask then, "Why should Christians study yoga?" The answer to this is perfectly stated in my instructor's manual from my own teacher certification which specifically teaches yoga from a Christian Perspective.  

                "Yoga provides us with a TOOL that we can use to 1) keep our physical body strong and flexible,  

                2) our vital, inner body health and vibrant, 3) our mind sharp and focused, 4) our personality

                balanced and content, and 5) our heart's desires pure and wholly devoted to God."

                                                                                                          ~ Dayna Gelinas, New Day Yoga

The beautiful thing about Christianity and the God we serve and call Father is his message of salvation and redemption.  Contrary to the boundaries that man may place on Christ, HE is the REDEEMER.  He can redeem people, music, dance, and yes, even yoga!!  There is so much that we haven't tapped into that God wants for us.  We simply must use the tools which He has given. 

Number 3: For those who have never ventured out to try yoga, this is often the sentiment.  However, one would learn after the first class that the slow and sustained holds and postures of yoga are often more challenging than that of any fast paced exercise regimen.  Why? Often times, in your traditional workouts, everything is so fast that you can just muscle it and throw your all into it, and often at a risk of injury once fatigue sets in.  With yoga, each pose and posture specifically strengthens one set of muscles and lengthens/stretches another.  This yin/yang places the body in a state of balance and forces the practitioner to be cognizant of his/her posture, muscle work, and breathing.  So while it is a slower pace, easier is certainly not the word I would use to accompany that pace.  Most times, newer yogis/yoginis note that yoga is much more challenging than it looks.  It simply challenges the body and the core in a different way. One that aids us in establishing a better baseline of health, physically, mentally, and spiritually.


Sign up for a class today!  Fridays @ 6:30pm at Destiny Metropolitan Worship Church; only $5!

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Now it's time for me to go get bendy!

Blessings, Love, Peace, and Yoga Grease,

Dr. Nicole McCarty

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