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Posted on 03-08-2016

Acid Reflux - Quench the Fire!!!
Don't want those spicy foods to make you pay for it later while you're trying to sleep? Try sleeping on your left side. Studies have shown that those who sleep on their left side are less likely to suffer with acid reflux. Why? The angle at which your esophagus and stomach connects makes your stomach higher when you sleep on your right. When the stomach is higher than the esophagus, this allows food and stomach acid to slide up your throat. When you sleep on your left, the stomach is lower than your esophagus and everything remains where it should.

Runner's Side Stitch
Have you ever been running and gotten this awful pain in your right side that literally made you stop in your tracks? This is commonly referred to as a "side stitch". Most of us exhale as our right foot hits the ground when running. This exerts a downward pressure on your right side where our liver is located. This downward pressure on the liver also tugs at the diaphragm and this leads to a side stitch. According to The Doctors Book of Home Remedies for Men, try exhaling as your left foot hits the ground to counteract this problem. Works especially well on long runs.

Brain Freezes No More!
We've all experienced the all too common "brain freeze" at one point or another. Some of us more than others for you ice cream and snow cone lovers. :-) Try this neat little trick to help them subside faster than just suffering through it. The nerves in the roof of our mouth get extremely cold and due to the close proximity, our body relays this same feeling to our brain. Due to the body's overcompensation, we experience that headache that chills us to the bone. To remedy these uncomfortable moments, place your tongue flat against the roof of your mouth covering as much area as possible. This aids in helping the body regulate the temperature thus alleviating your headache and allowing you to return to the joyous desert moment.
Enjoy your week and Happy Tuesday!

Health, Love, & Blessings!
Dr. McCarty

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